Weberlane Trailers

Introducing the AGGRE-HAULER
Hopper bottom gravel trailer.
A Canadian made belly dump gravel hauler.


AirControlledBellyDumpWith our curved sides, UHMW covered floor, 40 degree slants and wide center opening, we insure a trouble free slide to get the gravel to the road every time.
Safety Licking LinkagesA heavy duty linkage locks over-center to keep your load in the hopper, regardless of air supply problems.
UserEveleySuspensionWe have worked together with Eveley International to supply you with the latest in technology and requirements for the axles, suspension and steering lift axle.

Hopper Construction:
Slope:        10 Ga. Steel floor at 40 degree slant, lined with ½” UHMW
Sides:        10 Ga. Steel sides, curved for better gravel flow
Top Rail:    4×4 x.188 square tubing, topped with 2×10 painted wood planks
Supports:  Ribbed floor supports and 3×5 x.188 tubing supports
Ladder:      Front ladder with non-slip grip tread
Tarp:          Air operated swing-over mesh tarp
Gate:          20” x 96” gravel opening, operated by 8” air cylinder – 10 Ga. Reinforced gate plating – Over center safety lock, plus safety / spreader chains

 Axle Frame:
Frame:       14” I-beam
Axles:        22,500 lb Eveley axle with all Eveley suspension components
ABS:           2S/1M Haldex ABS system
Lift:            SPIF #2 compliant with automatic lift steering axle
Tires:         11R 22.5-H tires on 10 bolt 22.5 x 8.25 aluminum rims

5th wheel:  3/8” steel plate at 45” height, oscillating with rubber suspension
Landing:     Drop leg landing gear
Air Ride:     Eveley air ride
Flaps:          Weberlane 3/8” mudflaps front and back
Fenders:     3/16” aluminum fenders
Paint:           Primed & painted with 2K Urethane paint

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